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At the end of the world

Photo series about Moldovan diaspora from Portugal. 

This photo reportage was made as a part of the project funded by the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, and organized by the Moldovan independent association of reporters "Oameni si Kilometri".


The champion

In her fifties, Elena defeated cancer and became champion of many ultra marathons in Portugal and Moldova.

This photo reportage was made for the Moldovan independent association of reporters "Oameni si Kilometri", whose aim is to understand social phenomena and to reproduce them in detail through the untold stories about people and fates split in kilometres. 



For Alexander coffee is more than a drink, it is a whole universe with stories, myths and legends, which he shares with his customers at his cafe - a real coffee museum from Moldova.

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Rich Roma People

In my hometown, Soroca city, in the North of Moldova, there is a settlement of rich Roma people, who live under the leadership of Artur Cerari, the baron of Roma people. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the whole city was working for Roma people because only they had money in the country. Their district is full of unfinished castles, small copies of architectural monuments from all around the world, which will never be finished, to avoid the tax payment.


1 wagon, 45 people, 24 h

A shared second-class carriage of an old Soviet train is the cheapest way to get from Riga to Moscow. The trip lasts one day and one night, but to make the travel cheaper, the company sells 45 tickets for 28 full sleeping places. So, at night, these strangers have to find an agreement and a compromise in order to find a way to sleep at least for a few hours. People sleep on hard shelves without blankets or pillows, and due to the lack of space, some of them have to sleep on the shelf for things.


In a visit to Ural

When I was little, I believed that Russia, the homeland of my father, is another planet. I dreamed to become a cosmonaut and flying there. My dream came true in 2012 and I was convinced that Russia is really another planet, with bald mountains, iron-flow factories and extraordinary people. people.



A spontaneous reportage dedicated to the interaction between reality and fine art, which shows my impression from the hyperrealist exhibition seen during the Night of Museums in Riga, Latvia.

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