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Olga Lucovnicova (Moldova, 1991) is a documentary filmmaker and aspiring researcher in the field of audiovisual arts. Olga started her studies in 2011 in image directing at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts of Moldova. In 2016, her film “I do not hate you, death…” was awarded the “Best Film from Moldova” award at the country’s most important film festival, Cronograf IDFF. In 2017, Olga became a member of the Union of Filmmakers of Moldova. 

During her studies, Olga became an active participant in the Erasmus + programs, where she learned to use audiovisual tools for raising awareness on important social issues. This way, she contributed as a volunteer, audiovisual professional and trainer, to the implementation of international Erasmus+ projects in Moldova, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Italy, Latvia, Spain and other partner and European countries. In 2017, Olga did one year of European Voluntary Service at the Youth Development Center from Latvia, where she made several short documentary films that were screened publicly in Latvia, Moldova and Hungary. 

In 2018, Olga received an Eramus+ scholarship to pursued her studies in Documentary Film Directing at DocNomads Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Program, delivered by a consortium of three prominent European universities across three countries: Portugal, Hungary and Belgium. Her graduation film Nanu Tudor (2020) was awarded the Golden Bear at Berlinale 71st Edition.

As a filmmaker, Olga is particularly interested in stories, which can generate social changes and create a platform for discussion. Her filming style combines observational cinema with poetic elements, where the key factors are human emotions and feelings. Through her films, Olga seeks to push the viewer to critical thinking and reflection about our world. Her aim is to bring people closer to people, through sincerity, empathy and compassion. Studying 6 years of camera operating and 2 years of documentary film directing, Olga has a full spectrum of technical knowledge to make an author film and stay privately with the protagonist, to capture real and true emotions of the confession. Despite this, Olga also enjoys working in a team and have a huge multicultural working experience. She speaks fluently Romanian, Russian and English, and has basic knowledge of French, Spanish and Latvian languages.


Olga's films have been screened in over 20 countries around the world, attracting the attention of professionals, as well as the general public, bringing her professional and audience awards.


Lucovnicova, O. Semiotica peisajului urban în filmul poetic moldovenesc. Comunicări științifice ale
doctoranzilor din domeniul științelor socio-umane. Arad: Universitatea Vlaicu Pârcălab (Accepted
for publication in 2021).

Lucovnicova, O., Druc, V., Tipa, V. Pitorescul și pictorialismul în fotografia alb-negru. Exemple din
fotografia națională.
Studiul artelor și culturologie: istorie, teorie, practică. Chișinău: Academia de
Muzică, Teatru și Arte Plastice (Accepted for publication in 2021).

Lucovnicova, O. (2020). Expresia artistică a arhitecturii În filmele anilor 1896 – 1930. In: L.
Condraticova, Patrimoniul cultural de ieri - implicații în dezvoltarea societății durabile de mâine
(229-236). Chișinău: Academia de Științe a Moldovei. ISSN 2558 – 894X.

Lucovnicova, O. (2017). Films based on Holocaust photo and video archives – a powerful teaching
tool in creating an open, tolerant and democratic society.
In: M., Barkahan, K., Datashvili, S.,
Samovarova (Eds.), Holocaust and Modern Radicalism (221-235). Riga: Society “Shamir”.

Artistic awards

Golden Bear for best short film at Berlinale, 71st Edition (Germany, 2021).

WildCard Award for the best Flemish documentary student film, worth 40.000 EUR offered by the

Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) for the project development and production of the next film.

(Belgium, 2020).

Award for the best documentary at the Civilisation & Culture Documentary Film Festival (Croatia,


First place and Award for the Best Moldovan Film at the Cronograf International Documentary Film

Festival (Moldova, 2016). 

Filmography & Festival Selections

MY UNCLE TUDOR, 20 min, 2020 (Belgium)
Berlinale International Film Festival, 71st Edition, Germany, 1-4 March 2021 (#)
Go Short 13th Edition, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 8 - 25 April 2021 (#)
Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, 28th Edition, Canadian International
Documentary Festival, April 29 - May 9 2021 (#)

# These are “92nd Academy Awards short films qualifying festivals”.

IT’S NOT THE END, 20 min, 2019 (Portugal)
FIDF Cronograf, XV Edition, Moldova, 2019.

I DO NOT HATE YOU DEATH, 12 min, 2016 (Moldova)
FIFD Cronograf XIII Edition, Moldova, 2016
Civilization & Culture Documentary Film Festival, Croatia, 2017
Sjón International Anthropological Festival, Denmark, 2017
Szczecin European Film Festival, Poland, 2016
VIVA Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2016

ONE LITTLE ROWAN BRANCH, 12 min, 2016 (Russia)
FIFD Cronograf IX Edition, Moldova, 2012
Beta Movement : International Student Film Festival, India, 2014
London International Documentary Festival, UK, 2017

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